What is Digital Collage?

Many people when they first see my work, think that it is painting.   In fact all my work is digital collage which is basically any form of collage assembled or created using a computer.

I start off on location taking photographs of the landscape then back in the studio I use a computer to blend the landscape photography with sections of additional photographs to add texture, colour and depth.

Examples of these “textures” are shown below, these include peeling paint on old fishing boats (a favourite source of textures!), lichen on rocks, a campervan table top and some copper paint on board which I oxidised in the studio.    I sometimes use photographs of painting or mixed media but more often I use photographs surfaces such as rocks, peeling paint, scratched metal, rust, fabric, old paper….all sorts of unusual things.   I have a huge archive of “weird” pictures that I have collected, including the bottom of my kitchen sink.

Each finished piece might have between 10 and 20 layers of collage in addition to the original landscape photograph, although don’t ask me so identify them all on the spot as I can never remember!

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