About Cath Waters

Cath Waters is a Scottish landscape digital artist and photographer.  

Much of the inspiration for her landscape work comes from campervan travels and family holidays around Scotland.  She loves the wide open spaces, vast moody skies and low light of the Scottish West Coast and the Hebrides and tries to capture the essence of these special places.   There is a sense of simplicity, space and solitude in her work, which often features the unique calming colours of the Scottish land and sea – soft greys, emerald greens, muted blues and purples.

Cath hasn’t always been artist but she has been interested in art and design since childhood.  A passion for science led her to do a degree and PhD in biological sciences followed by many years working in cancer research.  It wasn’t until her family grew unexpectedly with the arrival of twin boys that she decided to take what was supposed to be a short a break from the lab.  

Cath started making and selling botanical and landscape artwork as prints and cards at craft fairs in Edinburgh, not long after her twins were born and in 2011 started a little Scottish landscape and botanical art business called “Paper Snapdragon”. 

Many milestones on, Paper Snapdragon became “Cath Waters Ltd” and as the popularity of Cath’s work continued to grow, Cath’s husband Rod joined the business in 2015.  Rod’s background is in journalism but you will now find him keeping the workshop running smoothly, supplying customers and stockists across the country. 

Cath and Rod soon moved into a studio and workshop in Grangemouth and this is where they are today, designing and manufacturing wall art, tableware, homeware, jewellery and gifts featuring Cath’s Scottish landscapes.  They sell on-line, at events and through galleries and shops all over the UK.

In 2016/17 Anna then Lesley joined the team and took charge of making most of Cath’s ceramic products such as mugs, coasters and tiles as well as her range of “wearable art” jewellery.

Digital Collage

Digital collage can mean any form of collage assembled or created using a computer.  

Cath’s process starts off on location where she takes digital photographs of the landscape.  

Back in the studio she uses a computer to blend the landscape photography with sections of additional photographs to add texture, colour and depth.  

Examples of these “textures” are shown below.  They can be photographs of painting or mixed media or photographs and scans of surfaces such as rocks, peeling paint, scratched metal, rust, fabric, old paper….all sorts of unusual things.  

Each finished piece might have between 10 and 20 layers of collage in addition to the original landscape photograph.

Digital Collage

A collage of landscape and textured surface photography